Evidence-based ophthalmology: the new “6S” evidence pyramid

  • Joaquín Fernández QVision, Hospital Vithas Almería, Almería, España.
Palabras clave: evidence-based medicine, evidence hierarchy, evidence pyramid, medical risk management, artificial intelligence


Scientific knowledge evolves rapidly, demanding that physicians stay updated on new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, considering factors like cost and accessibility to improve medical services and patient care quality. Choosing reliable information efficiently is a major challenge for doctors. Understanding research study designs is crucial, with the 6S pyramid simplifying this process by aiding in selecting the most informative material quickly. However, knowledge generation at higher levels of the pyramid relies on prior construction at lower levels. Some topics may only have evidence available at lower levels due to their novelty, necessitating risk management in decision-making. Artificial intelligence holds promise for aiding medical decision-making, potentially enabling quicker and more accurate decisions regardless of physicians’ experience. Overall, mastering evidence-based medicine tools is essential for informed decision-making and effective medical practice.

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Fernández, J. 2024. Evidence-based ophthalmology: the new “6S” evidence pyramid. Oftalmología Clínica y Experimental. 17, 02 (jul. 2024).
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